Structured Settlement And Annuity

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Structured Settlement and Annuity Financing include law firm settlements, insurance settlements, cell tower leases, and even lottery winners. There can be some unforeseen events in a person’s life where cash is needed immediately or simply just want their future payments to be paid all in one lump sum rather than waiting years and years to be fully paid. This type of funding happens very quickly, typically within just a few days. Our private equity partners offer the highest payout and the best rates available in the country on Structured Settlement and Annuity Financing.


A business owner was struggling to pay some past debt. After examining the details of his business, he was found to own two annuities including one structured settlement and a cell tower that was on his property that he was leasing to a major telecommunications provider. He was receiving $2000 a month from the cell tower lease and also $750 a month through his structured settlement agreement. Both annuities went out for 15 years. The debt on the business was refinanced and an extra $300,000 in cash was obtained by cashing out his payment streams. The client was delighted as he could use this money to pay off some personal bills.

Amount of capital provided: $300,000
Total time to close: 2 Weeks